Monday, April 11, 2011

Adopt some kittens?

My sister is....well, she's crazy. Cat crazy. Typically, a week doesn't go by without her mentioning that if I could just "find" a kitten on my doorstep (aka answer a craigslist ad or head over to lollypop farm) she might be able to convince her finance to add a new cat to their little family.

Looks like she didn't need my help! She texted me this afternoon with "oops" and a picture of her new additions--two tiny 4-week-old kittens.

She's a new foster mom, and these sweet little things need a home!

Adorable pals

Adopt us!
(They are both boys, eating wet kitten food and seem to be using the litter box).

Any takers?

<3 LS

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